Bottle Palm

Why Buy From Us?

We specialize in exotic Palms and rare tropicals. Over 20 years of growing and selling palms across Canada. We are the largest Palm Tree greenhouse in Canada that owns inventory at our acreage in South Florida. We are an all-inclusive one stop shop for Grade A palms and rare tropicals. We are not a palm tree broker, we own our palms. This means we are more efficient and transparent than buying through a broker down in Florida. Our personal hands-on approach ensures your palms and rare tropicals are personalized for your needs. 


The unique partnership between our Ontario greenhouse and our Homestead, Florida location allows us to offer unique and highly sought after palms and rare tropicals arriving quickly and efficiently.  XLB Palm Trees is one of the first companies to offer the variety and quality of cold hardy and tropical palms trees to Canada. 


Our palms and rare tropicals are sold throughout Canada to 5 Star Resorts, Top tier Restaurants, Premier Garden Centres and palm tree enthusiasts. 

In 2018, we will be opening our new "Palm Tree Showcase" greenhouse showcasing our most popular palms, exotic tropicals and specials.

XLB Palm Trees is expanding our tropical plant varieties to provide not only homeowners but local garden and landscape centres, restaurants, and retail clients with superior quality palms and unique tropical plants at wholesale prices and through our rental services.

At XLB Palm Trees, we understand the unique qualities of tropical and palms and their specific needs to survive in Canada's climate. With the purchase of each product, XLB Palm Trees has the knowledge and plant resources necessary to keep your plant healthy.  The rental, maintenance and storage options that we provide allow you, the customer, to enjoy your tropical plant year round without compromising quality.